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ErP compliant True Reversible Fans

30. januari 2013

Reversing Axial Fan technology while complying with the ErP Directive

As manufacturers of dryers or kilns driven by electrical motors you are obliged to comply with the Directive 2009/125/EC popularly known as the ErP Directive.

Multi-Wing offers one of the most extensive product ranges within true reversible fans. Our axial fans produce equal performance in both directions at very high efficiencies. Try out:

TR7Z: diameters from 325mm to 1095mm

TR8Z: diameters from 405mm to 1175mm

TR11W: diameters from 567mm to 1606mm

The TR7Z is available in both aluminium and glass reinforced polyamide, whereas the TR8Z and TR11W are available in aluminium.

All of the above mentioned fan types have adjustable pitch angles enabling us to optimise the fan selection to the highest efficiency rates on the market; ensuring ErP compatibility and substantial energy cost savings.

Using our selection software Optimiser you get access to a great engineering tool selecting ErP compliant reversible fan solutions. We can also assist you with the correct documentation.
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