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Multi-Wing takes pride and responsibility in being the product and service leader within axial fan solutions. We offer design recommendations to our customers through our fan selection software and our skilled sales and technical staff. This is particularly important in terms of the new ErP Directive coming into effect January 1st  2013. Contact your local sales team to understand what you have to do to be in compliance.

Our local sales and technical staff take pride in offering our customers the best possible recommendations to suitable axial fan solutions. We have developed extensive engineering guidelines containing detailed information on our axial fan series in regard to application specific requirements.

For purchase and service please contact Multi-Wing Group through our local contacts. You will find a list in the top right corner of the webpage or you can download the local contact list as a PDF.

For direct contact to Multi-Wing Group Management please use the information below

Multi-Wing Group Management Holding Pte Ltd
415 Tagore Industrial Avenue
Sindo Industrial Estate
Singapore 787804

Multi-Wing International a/s - Staktoften 16 - DK-2950 Vedbaek - Denmark